Tenebris Lunam

Hi! My name is Tenebris Lunam. I am an Argentinian artist that mostly does Pokefusion adoptables.
If you want to see more about the things I do or want to talk directly with me, you can join my Discord Server or contact me via other socials!

You can find my art examples | portfolio on Social Medias.

Terms of Service | Adopt rules

· By placing an offer/bid/AB you automatically accept these rules/tos.· FAKE BIDS OR TAKING BACK YOUR BID WILL END WITH YOU BEING BLACKLISTED. you'll also be reported if it was done on ych.· Auction will end 24 hours after this has been uploaded or after AB/AB2. Auctions for individual items may be ended earlier due to MB# bids. We have the right to end any auction early.· Payment via PAYPAL / KOFI.· IF YOU USE PAYPAL TO PAY; JUST PUT YOUR USERNAME ON THE PAYMENT DESCRIPTION ! DON'T ADD THINGS LIKE POKÉMON NAMES, ADOPT, COMMISSION, YCH OR SUCH OR YOU MAY LOSE THE CHANCE TO GET THE BEAN (Since Paypal may "block" the payment and you'll have to wait way too much to get the money back. It will never be sent to Eli or I)· Payment must be made within 48 hours after we message you.· No communication with 48 hours will cancel your winning offer and the bean will be re-uploaded for auction.· HOLDS ONLY FOR AB/AB2, SB+$5 must be paid within the first 48 hours.· For Holds: 1 week only. If full payment isn't made within a week and 5 days the bean will be re-uploaded for auction. Any money paid WON'T BE REFUNDED. We understand situations change but we are also counting on this money.· If it’s not a hold: you have responded to the message but haven't paid within 48 hours, $5 will be added to the total amount every 24 hours the bean isn't paid for. If a week has passed with no payment the bean will be re-uploaded for auction.· Bean can be resold, for the same price or lower. Price can only be increased if the bean has more art/commissions.- Can request the character to be turned into another thing to have commercial rights on them. Commercial rights are included with AB/AB2. For commercial rights on any other offer it will cost +$20, this includes the PSD file.· Credit TenebrisLunam / EliBat when uploading.· DO NOT CLAIM ART OR DESIGN AS YOUR OWN!· NO REFUNDS!· Chargebacks will get you blacklisted, any of the above rules broken will also get you blacklisted.· We have the right to cancel anyone's bid or refuse sale to an individual.

- eeveeadopterz(Reason: They steal adoptables for " re sale " and try to negotiate taking the images down in exchange of one of the adopts in there.)

Social medias

• Feral: 20 - 25 $ (Depends on the complexity)• Shiny of a bean / includes all the files: 5$ /Depending on how many files, can change to 10$• Chibi: 20$• Chibi feral: 14$• Chobi: 10$ (Chobis don't have shade, these are simple)• Human | Anthro | Furry fullbody: 40$-50$• Human | Anthro | Furry halfbody: 25$-30$• Human | Anthro | Furry bust: 18$• Feral bust: 15$• Headshots: 10$• Icons: 14$-16$ (Depends on the complexity)• Emote /Discord or Twitch/ or Discord Sticker: 15$ (You can get a discount by buying more than 1 )• Background on the image: 10$-20$ (Depends on the complexity)• Ref sheet: 65 - 100$ Includes front and back view, close up, color palette and accessories.• NSFW of the file: 5$-15$ if the comm is NSFW• Chibi PNGtuber: 30$ - 40$ (Open | Closed eyes, Open | Closed mouth)• Semi chibi: 50$ - 70$(Open | Closed eyes, Open | Closed mouth) *Includes 1 pose, 2 expressions